Reiki Level 1 and 2 Accelerated Learning

Reiki Classes Regina

Reiki Classes Regina
We are now accepting registrations for our fantastic Reiki Classes workshops in Regina on June 4,5,6.
While we hold fast to the strong tradition of Reiki and it’s founder Dr. Usui we have enhanced it with techniques and methods that are incredibly relevant for the unique challenges of today’s world.
During your weekend of change we will teach you.
  • The amazingly gentle yet incredibly powerful healing art of Reiki
  • How to treat yourself, and others, even over distances!
  • Simple, powerful technique for releasing unwanted and traumatic emotions from events in our past.
  • Understand what emotions really are and techniques for managing them, rather than allowing them to control us.
  • Personal, hands on teaching and training.
  • Very small class sizes (no more than eight students with two teachers)
  • Life time access to our exclusive online Reiki Academy for unprecedented support for when the time comes to implement what you have learned.
For more details visit our workshop website at:
“Combining old world traditions with new world technologies”

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